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Prof Ajay Bansal

Professor Trickle Bed Reactors, Multiphase Flow, Advanced Ox... View Profile

Dr N.K. Srivastava

Associate Professor Wastewater Treatment, Air Pollution Control, Water... View Profile

Dr Renu Gupta

Associate Professor Reaction Engineering Multiphase Flow Advanced Oxid... View Profile

Dr Shailendra Bajpai

Associate Professor Membrane separation Processes, Chemical Process Sa... View Profile

Dr Poonam Gera

Associate Professor New and Renewable energy... View Profile

Dr Raj Kumar Arya

Associate Professor Thin Films Polymeric Coatings, Diffusion and Dryin... View Profile

Dr Jatinder Kumar Ratan

Associate Professor I am presently working on applied photocatalysis... View Profile

Dr Sangeeta Garg

Associate Professor Polymer blends and composites Environment Engineer... View Profile

Dr Shashikant Yadav

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering ... View Profile

Dr Anjireddy Bhavanam

Assistant Professor i am working in the area of biofuels and bioprodu... View Profile

Dr Deepak Sahu

Assistant Professor Study the fires and fire protection system inside... View Profile

Dr Nitin Pandhare

Assistant Professor Catalysis, Reaction kinetics modelling and Convers... View Profile

Dr Amit Dhruv Saran

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials in Renewable Energy and Environmenta... View Profile

Dr Anurag Kumar Tiwari

Assistant Professor Non-Newtonian Rheology, Porous media flow,Nanoflui... View Profile

Dr Neetu Divya

Assistant Professor Chemical Process Design, Transport Phenomena,Envir... View Profile

Dr D Giribabu

Assistant Professor I work in the broad area of Fluid mechanics, flow ... View Profile