Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Dr Barjinder Singh Saini

Professor Biomedical Signal/Image Processing, Microprocessor... View Profile

Dr R K Sarin

Professor Microelectronics, III-V Compound Semiconductors,Ma... View Profile

Prof Arun Khosla

Professor Assisted Technologies, Games for Health, Gamificat... View Profile

Prof Binod Kumar Kanaujia

Director Design and Modeling of Microstrip Antenna Microwav... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Kumar Sunkaria

Associate Professor Expertise in Biomedical Signal/Image Processing/ D... View Profile

Dr Mamta Khosla

Associate Professor VLSI Design, Nanoelectronics, Soft Computing... View Profile

Dr Balwinder Raj

Assistant Professor Microelectronics Nanoelectronics VLSI Design Nove... View Profile

Dr Indu Saini

Assistant Professor Biomedical Signal/Image Processing, Machine Learni... View Profile

Dr Nitesh Kashyap

Assistant Professor Antenna Designing... View Profile

Dr Sukwinder Singh

Assistant Professor RF Circuit Design, Microwave Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sateesh Awasthi

Assistant Professor My research interest includes Peer-to-Peer Network... View Profile

Dr Neetu Sood

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication... View Profile

Dr Ashish Raman

Assistant Professor Nano Scale Semiconductor Devices, VLSI Design... View Profile

Dr Deepti Kakkar

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication, Neurodevelopmental Disorde... View Profile

Dr Pawan Kumar Verma

Assistant Professor I have worked on Machine to Machine communications... View Profile

Dr Manjeet Singh

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, AI, Communication System... View Profile

Dr Tarun Chaudhary

Assistant Professor Low Power VLSI Design, analytical modelling of nan... View Profile